Janaharsha Estates is one of the few real estate companies that are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility in the best possible way. The company has a sound CSR policy that it applies not only to its working process but also builds its working examples in the projects that Janaharsha designs. A recent example of this is the Janaharsha Foundation – Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Multispecialty Hospital for Rural Poor in its project Dream City II.

The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Multispecialty Hospital for Rural Poor has 100 beds and provides treatments to the underprivileged at affordable prices. Besides the hospital, Janaharsha Estates conducts innumerable health camps which include blood donation camps, eye donation camps and many more.

The realtor has also conducted cataract eye operation camps for the rural poor on a mass scale. The camp was conducted with the courtesy of Corporate Hospitals.

Janaharsha Group has supported many critical operations for people who belonged to underprivileged families and were unable to bear the cost of treatment. Janaharsha Estates and Constructions donated Rs. 2,00,000 to a girl from Salur, Vijaynagaram district; supported baby Hemasari for Spleenactomy operation at Mumbai; donated Rs. 2,00,000 to G. Tarak Ram for an operation to cure hole in his heart at Pune.

Other than providing help in the medical domain to people, Janaharsha has also erected high mass lights at villages, dug bore wells, provided furniture to rural schools and also facilitated some teaching institutions with learned faculty.

Janaharsha Group has a modern perspective towards social concerns such as inter caste or inter religion marriages. The group has supported innumerable marriages across castes and religions throughout the state. It has supported the victims of caste atrocities on many occasions by collaborating with the independent mass organization ‘Jaibharat’. The collaboration also worked towards rehabilitation of communal riots at Hyderabad Old City.

What more is the emphasis given on education by Janaharsha Estates and Constructions. The group has held a 3 month job-oriented computer training course which was attended by 200 students who belonged to underprivileged families of SC community at Malikipuram, East Godavari District. The course was also held in collaboration with Jaibharat.


6 thoughts on “Janaharsha Estates opens Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Multispecialty Hospital, among other CSR activities

  1. The project of multi speciality hospital is very nice. This hospital helped many poor peoples for their treatment at very affordable price. Janaharsha group is life saviour.


  2. In India days, many people are living who lost their lives, because of treatment and treatment cost, janaharsha group is doing good work. They have opened a multi specialist hospital for poor people.Which is very affordable and doctors are also very expert in their work. Thank you janaharsh.


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